ADT Home Security — Now with a Home Automation Flair

With the Home Security industry well established compared to the relative upstart of Home Automation, it stands to reason that many security veterans are now offering systems combining the best of both worlds.

Apple HomeKit — Cupertino Delays Launch of New Home Automation System?

One sign that Home Automation is becoming the new must-have in consumer technology involved the announcement of Apple HomeKit, at the Worldwide Developers Conference held last year. Now, there is news the product is delayed. What gives?

4 Great Spots to Go for Photo Storage Online

These days, we need a good place for photo storage online. Most of us use social media to share our life events and for that many of us use Facebook to share our photos. The problem is that Facebook isn’t the best place to store your photos …

Time Warner Cable Charter Merger — Is This Deal Good for You?

Well, Comcast’s attempted merger with Time Warner Cable didn’t pass government regulatory muster, but Charter Communications is stepping up to the plate. So if this latest merger attempt wins Federal approval what does it mean for consumers?

Charter Buys Time Warner Cable: What This Means for You

Charter Communications has officially released details on a deal to purchase Time Warner Cable for around $56.7 billion. But what does the news that “Charter Buys Time Warner Cable” mean to all of the Cable TV customers involved?

Streaming Sticks Comparison: Chromecast vs. Amazon Fire TV vs. Roku

Whether you call them streaming sticks or streaming dongles, it doesn’t really matter. They are all the same thing, or are they? We are going to give you a streaming stick comparison, that lays it all out so you can choose which is best for you. Will…

7 Amazon Prime Pilots You Won’t Want to Miss in Early 2015

Amazon has just announced seven new upcoming Amazon Prime pilots that will premiere early in 2015. Amazon will convert the pilots that viewers like most into regular Amazon Original series, so don’t forget to stream and vote!

Wear Smart Earbuds To Enhance Your Workouts and Fitness Routines

If you are on the lookout for the latest trends in wearable fitness technology gadgets, then check out these Smart Earbuds from SMS Audio BioSport. Portable and lightweight, these in-ear headphones …

A DIY LED Light Saves You Money as a Fun Family Project

Want to know a way to make a DIY LED light that is fun and easy? Read on. You’ll have more light to work in and save money at the same time.I built one with my kids years ago and wrote down the steps …

Get Mobile Charging and Tracking from a State-of-the-Art Suitcase

Bluesmart Carry On: Get Mobile Charging and Tracking from a Suitcase The Bluesmart Connected Carry-On is no ordinary piece of luggage. With the ability to do much more than just carry your belongings, this product is intelligent as well as innovative…

Most Popular Digital Landing Articles of 2014

At the end of every year, we like to look back to see what the most popular articles on Digital Landing were, to see what people are interested in and what we should produce more articles about. In 2014, people were really interested in several different things on, including stories about streaming content to [...]

Wink Takes the Home Automation Market by Storm

The home automation market is set to be taken by storm, by a Wink. The Wink Relay is the first home automation touch screen control panel for the do it yourself market. Sure, you can call me up and have me install a touchscreen controller from Crestron…

What to do With Unwanted Gift Cards

I think we have all gotten that unwanted gift from someone. An oversized sweater from Aunt Ruth, the sickly sweet candle from a kindly neighbor, or the PlayStation game when you own an X-box. These unwanted gifts are easy to deal with – you simply…

LittleBits Smart Kit Lets You Build Your Own Smart Devices

LittleBits has a fascinating and unique approach to home automation: Supply customers with a smart kit that holds the parts they need, and help them build their own smart devices. It’s a module-based approach that works amazingly well, especially if…

Using Your Phone While Driving Legally

Using your phone while driving legally and being able to do much more than listen to music, and talk to friends and colleagues is almost impossible. If only there was just a way to be able to navigate through apps without taking your hands off the wheel.

Smart Home Lighting Automation Device Mimics the Sun

If you have been looking for an innovative way to recreate the natural vibrancy of the sun within your own living space, then check out the Sunn Light. As a smart home lighting automation product, the Sunn Light will provide your environment with heighten

AirPlay Mirroring FAQ: Content Straight to Your TV

If you’re an Apple fan and want your devices to communicate and share content effortless, you have to try out AirPlay mirroring. This feature is perfect for sharing video and other content with your family and friends, but many do not even realize it’s…

The Smart Nest Protect Smoke Alarm Thinks and Talks

The Nest Protect Smoke Alarm is a multi-functional unit that monitors more than potential levels of smoke and carbon monoxide. As a smart device that can think, speak to users and communicate early warnings …

TrackR App Keeps You Connected With the Crowd GPS Network

Keep connected to all your belongings and never lose sight of your pets with the TrackR App and the innovative Crowd GPS Network. Consumers can choose from several TrackR devices as a convenient way to quickly locate misplaced or lost items and pets…

Tile Smart Tracking Device Tethers and Protects Your Valuables

The innovative Tile Smart Tracking Device will keep you connected to and help you track and locate almost anything. Whether you misplace a set of keys, cannot find your Smartphone or your family pets have crossed the Invisible Fence, a tethered Tile …

Save Smartly with This Truly Smart Piggy Bank

Meet a truly smart piggy bank. The Quirky Porkfolio can make learning how to save and manage money fun.I didn’t have a smart piggy bank when I was growing up. In fact, except for my coin collection, I wasn’t able to hold onto money for very long when …

SmartThings Home Security Just Got Better

The SmartThings home security kit brings home security and peace of mind to anyone with a mobile device. Home security is a very misunderstood marketplace. Consumers feel they have to bring in an expensive contractor (like me) to get decent security …

Smart Home Products: Apple’s SmartPlug Offers iOS Home Automation

Apple made some exciting new announcements for its home automation iHome products, at CES 2015. New smart devices, compatible designs for home automation, and Bluetooth speakers made the top of the list, so let’s take a look at what Apple is planning….

Scout: A Low-Cost DIY Smart Home Security Solution

Have you been looking for an easy, low cost, DIY smart home security solution? Scout may just be the answer! The idea of having a home security system appeals to many home and apartment dwellers, but factors such as cost, level of installation difficulty

The Smartphone Drone that Takes Photography to New Heights

This smartphone drone looks awesome. Over the Christmas break I vacationed with some friends down in Brazil and we went to the big tree lighting ceremony for the city of São Paulo. There were a few street vendors …

9 Best Streaming TV Shows You Can’t Watch on Cable

Can’t find anything to watch? Curious about what are the best TV shows that you can’t watch on regular cable? Your search is over! Here’s our list of the best streaming TV shows and where you can stream them now!

The Smart Home of the Future is (Almost) Here!

The smart home of the future isn’t very far off. What does it hold for you? Read on and see.

iOS Finally Has External Storage Devices

Apple users finally have some external storage devices to expand their iProduct’s storage capacity. Even better, they’re pretty affordable and we discuss them in this article.

Customized Monitoring with Scout Security Systems for Homes

When it comes to options for security systems for homes, some consumers want the choice of being able to custom design their own unique monitoring system. Scout Security Systems provides multiple options that …

Record TV Shows and Movies with Over The Air DVR

If you are a true television aficionado, you probably already have a subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and perhaps Hulu, but no over the air DVR. But you are also eagerly awaiting the arrival of HBO’s online streaming service, so you can see what …

The Top Wireless Charging Pad Choices for Your Phone

A wireless charging pad lets you charge your mobile device without the need to plug them in. With basic contact, these pads can send a charge wirelessly into your battery, letting it charge up while your phone sits there. Sounds useful, right? As these…

New Netflix Original TV Shows for 2015

Do you love original Netflix shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black? Here is a brief overview of the new Netflix original TV shows, films and other programs that Netflix has in the works for 2015 and beyond.

DISH Network Sling Adapter TV: A New Way to Cut the Cable?

The Dish network sling adapter gives us a whole new way to view TV. Thanks to Dish Network you can now get subscription cable television over the Internet without signing up for cable.

Mayflower Movers and More: 8 Signs of a Great Modern Moving Service

Getting a little too stressed about your upcoming move? Today’s moving services are more high-tech and willing to help than ever before. Companies like Mayflower Movers can contract with other moving professionals and bring you a long list of potential…

Blumoo Wireless Remote Control Can Do it All

The Blumoo Wireless Remote Control is a great choice for consumers that want the ability to manage multiple types of entertainment systems including favorites such as HDTVs, audio receivers, cable or satellite…

Finding the Best GPS Tracker for Kids

What if you could always know where your kids were? What if you had the best GPS tracker for kids that told you they fell down on the playground equipment? Check out Findster. It does these things and more.

Brio Safe Outlet Provides Childproofing Protection

The Brio Safe Outlet looks unlike any other device on the market and takes the lead for innovative genius when it comes to providing consumers with an electrical outlet that does not need covers to…

Introducing the Best Wearable Tech from CES 2015

What’s the best wearable tech that was introduced at CES 2015? Wearables have been growing in popularity the past few years at CES. What started as a trickle of products has grown into a veritable flood.

5 Personal Tech Writers That Will Make You Smarter

Here at Digital Landing, we’re interested in helping you live the connected life, simplified. We hope to expose you to new products and ideas in the digital services industry, and we know that there are more and more new ideas coming down the pike every day. Top 5 Personal Tech Writers We decided to share [...]

Top 6 New Amazon Shows for Kids

Having a tough time deciding which of the six new Amazon shows for kids shows to watch first? Here is our overview of each of the new programs, to help you decide!

6 of the Best New Laptops on the Market

Are you on the lookout for the best new laptops of the year? Here are some of the best options for all lifestyles, whether you want a speedy cloud machine, a heavy-duty gaming device, a professional work computer, or just something that’s all-around…

Tips for Moving with Atlas Van Lines

Moving with Atlas Van Lines can be what you make of it. An old saying that a supervisor had comes to mind: “Proper planning prevents poor performance.” No matter what you’re doing, this is true. Once you’ve decided on Atlas as your moving company, there a

The 7 Best Mobile Phones on the Market

Has the time come for you to replace your smartphone? Here are the best mobile phones available on the market and what they can offer you it terms of display, power and features.

United Moving Company Tips and Services: A Helpful Checklist to Get You Ready

United Moving Company Tips and Services: A Helpful Checklist to Get You Ready United Moving Company tips and services will help alleviate the stress of moving. Everything you need from packing materials and boxes to storage is readily available from…

6 New Smart Home Products Introduced at CES 2015

There were so many new smart home products announced at CES 2015 that they dedicated a whole pavilion to them. Here are a few of my favorites, and I think you’ll agree that there’s a need for most of them.

Luna’s Smart Bed Mattress Cover is Designed for Sweet Dreams

Over 50 million Americans have difficulty getting a good night’s rest.Luna aims to change this with a smart bed mattress cover that’s designed to give users a better night’s sleep. Learn more with our overview of this new product.

Best Wearable Tech for 2015

The best wearable tech around currently resides in some excellent watches and fitness bands that are moving far beyond basic functionality and offering you real control, data access, and everyday sensor benefits. Interested in what products are making…

Make Your Bike a Smart Bike With smrtGRiPS

You too can have a smart bike. One that helps you find the places you’re looking for. One that also helps you remember where you parked it. These smrtGRiPS are also going to revolutionize social biking. As a bicyclist, I like these grips, that there’s not

Bring Smart Projects to Life with MESHKit

Smart projects let you use your imagination to create new and innovative toys, tools, and applications. I’ve mentioned a few smart home applications, devices, and protocols with which the sky’s the limit as far as what you can come up with…

Scout Home Security isn’t a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

The Scout home security system is one of the few home security solutions that allow you to buy only what you need. There are others out there, but Scout is more flexible. This isn’t the best option for everyone out there, but if you’re looking for easy to

7 Great Ways to Charge Your Phone Faster

Trying to charger your phone faster and keeping the battery from getting drained too quickly can be as easy as following some simple tips in order to conserve the power to keep you connected. If you regularly maintain your mobile phone and do not wait …

Apple Announces 6 Big New Tech Changes

Apple announces its largest new products and features via the famed Apple event in, and this latest conference has certainly not disappointed. We have …

Build Your Own Home Security System — It’s Easier Than You Think

One of the major advantages of the Internet of Things trend is it makes it relatively easy to build your own Home Security system. A variety of third-party vendors now offer bundles that make systems easy to set up and control.

7 of the Best New Smart Home Products

Are you ready for the coming wave of new smart home products that meet real needs instead of just offering superfluous digital additions? Here are the most practical solutions hitting the market and what they can do for you. Whirlpool Smart Washer and…

Sentri Home Security Video System Provides Control

Sentri is an intelligent home security video device that provides consumers with a comprehensive selection of system capabilities including a built-in high-definition (HD) video camera, a motion detector, and sensors designed to detect levels of humidity,

Blood Glucose Readings and Tracking Just Got Much Easier

The technology of keeping track of your blood glucose readings has gone through several evolutions. See how easy it’s gotten here. Getting accurate blood glucose readings has been fairly easy for the last couple decades.

Sling TV: The Standalone, Cable-Cutting Service You’ve Been Waiting For

With around 100,000 subscribers and growing service options, Sling TV is one of the most exciting things to happen to wireless live TV streaming and standalone services in a long time. If you are growing frustrated with cable or really wish you had…

Home Automation DIY — Is It the Way to Go?

With the Internet of Things and Home Automation trends sweeping the consumer tech world, you are probably wondering — should I call a vendor or is a Home Automation DIY setup the way to go?

It’s Time to Check Out the New YouTube For Kids

On February 23, YouTube made a huge forward leap in setting themselves up as family-friendly entertainment. They introduced YouTube for kids in a kid-friendly app that is available on iOS and Android devices in the United States. There are more than…

Several Ways to Fix Netflix Freezing

You have a perfect lazy evening laid out. You have your snack, you’ve settled in with our loved ones and then it happens — Netflix Freezes. We’ve done our research and we will help you resolve some of those Netflix freezing issues.

Taking a Look at the Smart Door Lock from Goji

Another smart door lock has been introduced. It’s called the Goji Smart Lock. This type of lock system is the future of home security. They’re not just a fad. We’ve seen some pretty big leaps in what connected door locks have been able to in the short …

Simplicam Face Recognition Technology Knows Who Your Friends Are

Keep connected and in touch with what’s going on at home when you are out with Simplicam. The unique Wi-Fi camera will safeguard your household and quickly alert you with notifications when unusual activity is detected. Face recognition technology is …

HBO Now on Apple TV: Where to Get HBO’s New Standalone Service

You will be able to watch HBO channels without pirating or a cable subscription, thanks to the long-awaited standalone service coming to Apple devices – and eventually everywhere else. HBO Now is an app designed to bring you HBO…

Smart Plug Technology: 13 Great Features of Zuli

Zuli is a smart plug that can efficiently monitor and control lighting fixtures and other electrical appliances within your home. Zuli can help you saving money on overall energy costs and uses efficient Bluetooth…

Tempo Environmental Monitor Uses Bluetooth Smart Technology

The Tempo Environmental Monitor by BlueMaestro is a sleek, smart device that can sense, track and monitor data both indoors and outdoors using innovative Bluetooth Smart technology.

A Fast Phone Charger That Charges Mobile Devices Twice as Fast

Your current fast phone charger is now obsolete and slow. Nothing is worse than finding out less than an hour before you have to go somewhere that your phone’s battery is dead. How will you stay in touch until you get somewhere you can charge the battery?

How to Improve Your WiFi Signal

Do you have problems with a WiFi connection? We’re going to tell you some simple steps, so you can learn how to improve your WiFi signal. There are many reasons your Internet connections could be a slow.

Where to Find Moving Boxes: Modern Solutions

Looking where to find moving boxes? If you have a big move coming and you’re feeling a little panicked about finding enough packing boxes in time, you’re in luck – there are more options for moving boxes today than ever before.

FuelBox Mobile Charging Station Keeps You Powered Up and Connected

If you are searching for a mobile charging station that is compatible with multiple types of devices and operating systems, FuelBox fits the bill. With its universal functionality provided by the combination of a stationary docking base as well as a …

Breaking Down the Net Neutrality Pros and Cons

Net neutrality pros and cons is a hot topic of conversation in most of the Facebook groups I’m in. I receive numerous communications from people on both sides of the issue. These include groups that circulate petitions asking Congress to repeal the …

9 Tips for Moving Into a Dorm

Packing for a big college move? Moving into a dorm can sometimes be a challenge – space is usually limited, and you’ll have to readjust. But it’s easy to get a head start by packing the smart way. Here are nine tips for efficient, low-cost, time-saving…

Unu Portable USB Charger Products Provide a Fast Boost for Your Mobile Devices

If you are looking for a company that offers a wide selection of universal USB charger products, check out Unu’s portable battery packs. Their product offerings include units that are sleek and convenient in size, making them easy to carry with you …

Rachio Iro Smart Sprinkler Saves You Money on Outdoor Water Usage

The Rachio Iro Smart Sprinker provides automatic watering for all your vegetation that can be wirelessly controlled from the comfort of your smartphone. If you are looking for an intelligent sprinkler system …

Home Automation Market Enters Mainstream House Construction

Once the domain of the esoteric, the Home Automation market is gradually coming of age and entering the home builder mainstream. If you are still considering turning your residence into a digital smart home, now is the time for further exploration.

Net Neutrality Act and its Effect on the Digital Smart Home

With the FCC going ahead with a new set of rules supporting the concept of the Net Neutrality Act, many of you are probably wondering if it will end up affecting your investment in High Speed Internet Service, and a Home Automation system.

Need a New Device Charger for All Your Gadgets?

Recharging our gear is often a hassle because of all the wires and mess. We go over the advantages and disadvantages of the new Thing Charger to help users decide if this new device charger is the best option for their needs.

The Next Generation Smart Door Lock Has Arrived

A smart door lock conversion should make your life easier. Most of the first generation of products that we saw were pretty cool, but limited. The next generation promised and delivered quite a bit more. The Sesame lock from Stanford startup …

Apple Web TV Service Latest to Woo Streamers and Cord Cutters

Users of Apple products and HBO fans will be happy to hear the news that Apple is rumored to have a new OTT service, Apple Web TV, in development. We bring you an overview of what is currently known about the service, including potential release dates.

‘SmartThings Know and Control’ Jumps Ahead of the Pack

Ready to hear about what is possibly the best home automation system on the market? Take a gander at the SmartThings Know and Control system.

10 Great Smart Home Gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and to show them that you appreciate them get them something that is appropriate for them. We’ve looked through a variety of items to come up with smart home gifts, tech gifts and on-the go gifts that are perfect for ..

Mayflower Movers and Other Handy Online Moving Tools

Are you ready to have a successful move? Mayflower Movers offers a number of different tools to help out – in fact, the Internet is filled with handy online moving tools to make your move a breeze and give you new confidence about exactly what you …

Iris Home Security Offers More for Digital Smart Homes

With Home Automation and Home Security growing in consumer popularity, it stands to reason that many larger companies are now offering their own turnkey products for the digital smart home to customers. Enter the new Lowe’s Iris Home Security system.

A Smart Home System Throwdown: Lowe’s Iris vs. AT&T Digital Life

With the Home Automation market continuing to make inroads into the consumer technology mainstream, many companies of all sizes are now getting into the game. Here is a look at two smart home systems from AT&T and Lowe’s.

5 Features on Vivint Home Security You Didn’t Know About

It stands to reason that a Vivint Home Security solution offers a great option for securing and automating your digital smart home. With that in mind, here are five Vivint features worthy of further exploration.

How to Save Money When Signing Up For New Internet Service

If you are moving, one of your checklist items is problem “find a new Internet service” – and fast. But should you stick with your new provider, or look for new opportunities? Either way, moving presents an excellent chance to save on Internet costs…

On Demand TV With DirecTV: The Way to the Future

DirecTV has quite the history of offering unique products, especially when it comes to the latest on demand TV content and living room experiences. In 2007, the company added HD channels. In 2010, DirecTV was sitting happy as the largest pay-TV …

Netflix Tools to Make Streaming Easier and More Enjoyable

While it’s easy to get started watching your favorite programs on Netflix, some have a less than perfect experience when they stream content. Here is our list of helpful Netflix tools to help you tweak your settings and improve your Netflix experience.

Apple Home Kit: Your Best Chance at an iOS Smart Home

What is Apple Home Kit and what does it mean for the smart home? A whole lot, if you’re an iOS user. Here are the details you need to know. HomeKit is Apple’s answer to the smart home revolution. It is not a single device…

Internet Security More Important For the Digital Smart Home

It’s great to keep an eye on your house remotely using a video camera over the Internet, but are you hurting your Internet security, by creating an easy pathway for cyber criminals looking to hack into your home?

Top Bluetooth Headphones for Running

Are you on the lookout for new Bluetooth headphones for running on the streets or in the gym? Finding the right type of headphones for working out can be tricky – if they don’t fall out of your ears or get tangled up, they produce inferior sound or…

Home Security Showdown: Vivint vs ADT — Which is Better?

Vivint vs ADT, which Home Security system should you get and why? One of my friends and his wife are expecting their first child soon and they need to know

TCL’s Roku Smart TV is the Smart TV You’ve Been Waiting For

The new 55-inch Roku Smart TV from TCL has just been put at the top of my Christmas list. It’s got everything I want and almost nothing I don’t want. In short, as far as smart televisions go, it’s almost perfect. As with any product, it does have its …

Lowe’s Iris Smart Home System: Affordable, Hub-Based Automation

When Iris first came out, it was a small little device from Lowe’s in a relatively new smart device market – a curiosity more than anything else. Now that the Iris smart home system has developed into a fully-fledged suite of home automation devices…

DirecTV Satellite: Are These Sports-Oriented Packages For You?

If you haven’t seen what DirecTV satellite package offer, now is the time to look. There’s a lot of talk about cutting the cord and moving away from cable to and alternative TV streamers – we even have some great articles about how to do it. But with …

Introducing Lyric Home Security from Honeywell

Lyric Home Security from Honeywell will hit them market soon near you, if it hasn’t already. Honeywell is a well-known company that makes a variety of things you may or may not be …

Hot Stuff! This New Tablet is Microwavable

This new tablet delivers on the promise of top nothc handwriting recognition. Check it out.

LithiumCard Pro Hypercharger Offers Sleek Design and Powerful Fast Charging

LithiumCard Pro Hypercharger Offers Sleek Design and Powerful Fast Charging The LithiumCard PRO is designed with speed and power to quickly charge your mobile devices. The product is unique as it has the capacity to multitask. LithiumCard PRO can…

Apple Watch Home Automation is Fun with PEQ

With many traditional Home Security and HA firms getting in the Home Automation game, one upstart is garnering a lot of buzz for their innovative solution with a clean user interface. PEQ is something worth checking out if you are in the HA market.

Verizon Buys AOL, But What Does That Mean to Customers?

The “Verizon Buys AOL” news has been hitting the airwaves for almost two weeks now. The original bit of news said that Verizon had agreed to pay $50 a share which would come to around $4.4 billion dollars. Since that announcement on the 15th, AOL …

Oomi Smart Home Lets You Simplify Your Life

Oomi Smart Home is the simplest and quickest home automation/security product I’ve seen to date. Although simply and easy to install, the level of control given is comparable to much more expensive and hard to use systems.