Hot Crowdfunded Wearable Tech to Watch

Hot Crowdfunded Wearable Tech to Watch In general, wearable tech has been hottest in the crowdfunded development model. In fact, quite a few of the newest offerings from the industry as a whole that are the most popular have been from crowdfunded…

Windows 8 Tips for Google Apps Users

Windows 8 Tips for Google Apps Users Windows 8 tips have been the topic of literally hundreds of articles and blog postings over the past year or so. This is because Windows 8 is a major departure from the look and feel of Microsoft’s previous…

Top 11 Amazon Originals You Can Stream Now

Tired of streaming the same old stuff? Amazon originals are a group of new programs developed by Amazon Studios where viewers vote which shows get picked up for series production. Get the skinny on the top 11 Amazon Originals you can stream now!

Google Now and Voice Search: A Digital Assistant for the Modern Age

Google Now was a service that appeared on a select few Android phones back in 2012 and has slowly built momentum until Google recently decided the digital assistant to many additional devices.

The Moving Diary: Moving In Checklist

No one loves packing up their stuff and moving. It’s the worst. It’s also one of the most stressful situations in life, and it shouldn’t be! That’s why you need a moving in checklist! We’re moving all of our belongings and everything that’s important to us from one address to another — and we have [...]

Pros and Cons of Buying a Smart TV

If you’ve gone shopping for a television set any time in the past couple years, you’ve begun to see a proliferation of Smart TVs, or TVs with Wi-Fi connections and apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Vudu. The price is a little higher (anywhere from 10- to 25-percent higher than the comparable “non-Smart” TV that [...]

Quantum TV: The Next Step in a Digital Revolution

The new Quantum TV DVR is able to record up to twelve shows at the same time. Suddenly, there’s no need to restrict what shows are being recorded. No…

Setting up a Secure Home Network in 3 Simple Steps

The thought of setting up a secure home network can be terrifying for some people. They’ve heard the horror stories about being connected with a technician in Bangladesh. How are you supposed to connect a technical device you barely understand, when the

How To Be Protected From Heartbleed?

Heartbleed is a topic that’s been huge in the news lately, both the tech news and the mainstream news. What’s all the fuss about? So, there’s a bug in some code somewhere, how does that affect me? Let’s take a look at the feature of one type of…

Choosing a Satellite Provider Can be Tough

If you are considering subscribing to satellite television, you have a couple options. The two companies with the best signal reception, the most diverse channel lineups and superb reputations are DirecTV and Dish Network. There are other, lesser known…