The 6 Best Smart Devices for Pets

Smart alarms, smart locks, smart thermostats…the world of smart devices just keeps on growing. But what you may not know is that the Internet of Things is also busy working in the pet world, and it has come up with some pretty amazing smart devices…

Chow Down on Fiber in Dallas

Fiber in Dallas is coming soon. Not the kind you eat that helps keep your digestive system healthy. This is the kind that delivers blazing fast Internet speeds, as well as more feature-rich TV and Phone services.

What Internet Speed Do I Need?: Key Numbers for Online Activities

Most Internet packages place great emphasis on speed, leading a lot of users to ask, “Well, what Internet speed do I need, anyway?” More speed sounds better, but it can be difficult to tell what that actually means for everyday online activity. For a…

DIY Security: Novi Offers the Ideal Apartment-Friendly Device

Smart security systems, with their impressive array of sensors and smartphone-ready apps, do have one issue: Few are created with the smaller apartment or loft in mind, where landlord rules and a lack of space render many security systems inapplicable….

8 Great Apple TV Remote Control Features

The Apple remote isn’t much to look at, in fact compared to most of your remotes it is rather simple. You have the large round directional button, the select button, a play/pause button and a menu button – not much really there. It may be simple to…

Microsoft Patch for Office Breaks Click-to-Run

The recent Microsoft patch for Office has broken one of the newest features of Office 2013 for some users. Microsoft patches that break something aren’t new. In fact, it happens quite often. However, patching…

Blue Ridge Communications Has a Long History in TV

Blue Ridge Communications Has a Long History in TV Blue Ridge Communications was founded in 1950 as the Palmerton TV Signal Corporation as a means of…

U-Verse FTTH: AT&T’s Expanded High Speed Internet Service

Among the new, growing Internet service networks is AT&T’s U-Verse FTTH, or Fiber to the Home, which is about to get a big boost as AT&T pushes the service into more than a 100 new cities. If you are on the lookout for a speedy Internet service that…

Why Ikea’s LED Light Bulbs Are Better

For the past century or so, we’ve grown accustomed to using incandescent bulbs in our house or even at workplace. Only in the past few years have we found some new choices in this category, with the ability to purchase compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). Those were a little more expensive, but they lasted much [...]

Microsoft Shuts Down Xbox Original Programming

It wasn’t too long ago (less than three months, actually), that Microsoft was touting the slate of original programming set to be produced for the Xbox platform. But late last week, the company did a 180-degree turn, and they decided to shut down Xbox Entertainment Studios altogether. While it’s certainly a shock to Xbox fans [...]