10 Easy Money Saving Tips and Apps: Pt 5

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Money Saving Tips

Technology can cost a lot of money, but if you use it correctly, then technology can save you money. We are all looking for money saving tips and with the prevalence of smartphones, it is not surprising that there are applications and websites that will help you save money in your everyday life, most of them are free or low cost. The best part is that many of these can be taken with you and used on the go. There are thousands of mobile apps and online programs designed to help you save money and put some money back in your bank account.

This is Part 5 of the “Digital Landing Save Money Series,” as we look at ways you can save dough on home digital services.

These 10 simple, easy-to-use programs and applications work to save your wallet and expand your savings.

1. ShopSavvy: This is a smartphone app that you use while you are out shopping. If you find an item that you like, but aren’t sure if it is a good deal, you can scan the barcode using the camera on your phone. It will give you pricing for the same item online and in nearby stores, so you can decide if that sale item is really a good deal.

2. BillShrink: This is an online comparison website that helps you save money on credit cards, wireless plans and gas stations. They also have a feature that lets you shop around for the best deals on savings accounts and CDs.

3. Gasbuddy: Unfortunately, fuel is hard to comparison shop for, and this website makes it easy. Gasbuddy can be used online or as an app on your phone and lets you browse your local area for the lowest gas prices. They have some great tips on improving your fuel economy, so you can save on fuel consumption while saving on the fill-up. This site also has an incentive program for reporting local fuel prices which can earn you free gas.

4. TextFree: This application allows you to send and received unlimited text messages on your mobile units. It works with Android or Apple devices and lets you text from anywhere in the world as long as you have a data connection. This is a great deal for die-hard texters, but this application must always be open in order to receive a text message.

5. Stanza: This is a free application that works with most Apple iDevices. Stanza allows you to download over 100,000 books for free. Look in here for something to read before you spend your hard-earned cash at one of the online e-book stores.

6. Slickdeals: When shopping for technology this is a fantastic site to keep an eye on. This site is full of deals submitted by users all over the country including in-store and online sales. This is a great site to find coupons and deals before shopping for technology products.

7. Mygrocerydeals: This wonderful site allows you to view and compare advertised deals from your local grocery stores. You can then create your grocery list to maximize your savings.

8. UrbanSpoon: This is a great app for those who travel frequently. This allows you to browse local low-cost dining options, no matter where you are. The results can be sorted by price, ratings, or cuisine.

9. CouponMom: This has to be one of the easiest ways to save. They have advertised sales for many of your local stores and let you know how much of a savings it actually is. They then let you know if coupons are available for that item and where to get them. Many of these coupons are online and easily accessible. If you want to be a die-hard couponer, they also give you advice on how to start.

10. Groupon: This is the original “savings” site. They offer a coupon deal, which changes daily. These coupons offer huge discounts off regular prices, however, those discounts are only valid if a minimum number of people purchase them. If there are not enough sales, then everyone gets their money back. However, with the growth of this site, that rarely happens.

There are thousands of mobile apps and websites which are designed to help you save money either by offering discounts, showing you the best deals or by giving you money saving tips. If you want more money in the bank, you can use all of these sites and more to your advantage. Money doesn’t grow on trees, but with some careful tending, your savings can grow.

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