Adobe: Just 12.5 Percent of Cable TV Customers Using TV Everywhere

Mar 31, 2015 ipad, ott, tablets, 0 Comments

Adobe reports that while the usage of authenticated multiscreen services from pay-TV providers has increased, the number of regular TV Everywhere users grew at a smaller rate.

In the U.S. Digital Video 2014 Inaugural Report, Adobe notes that only 12.5 percent of Cable TV, Satellite TV and IPTV customers regularly use TV Everywhere.

Regular TV Everywhere users tripled from 4.4 percent of total Pay-TV subscribers in 2014, but Pay-TV viewing is up 487 percent over the past two years.

“The fact that 2014 saw an average of 11.6% active viewership suggests that TV Everywhere is only a few quarters away from crossing the chasm and becoming a technology not used only by the ‘early adopters,’ but by the ‘early majority,’ as well,” the report reads.

iPads remain the most popular devices for TV Everywhere usage, with over 29 percent of authenticated viewing.





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