Apple TV Adds New NFL Now Video Network

Aug 22, 2014 amazon fire tv, android, apple tv, 0 Comments

The NFL announced this week that their new online video network, NFL Now, will be available on Apple TV this season, with the possibility of the app also arriving soon for Amazon Fire TV, Kindle Fire, Yahoo Screen and Yahoo Sports by Week 1 of the NFL regular season.

Earlier this month, the league launched their new video streaming app on Roku and Microsoft’s Xbox streaming services, as well as most smartphones and at online.

What Does NFL Now Offer?

The NFL’s online video network will offer up free on-demand videos, across the league’s entire video catalog. Users will also be able to watch game highlights and press conferences through the streaming app. All 32 teams will produce videos, which will also be available, as well as their flagship studio, NFL Films.

The one thing the NFL Now network won’t be offering is live games. But for $1.99 per month, fans can get access to near-instant in-game highlights.





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