AT&T Considers Name Change for DirecTV After Purchase is Approved

Jan 23, 2015 att, att uverse, directv, 0 Comments

There are reports that AT&T is considering rebranding the DirecTV Satellite TV product once their purchase has been approved by federal regulators.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson made comments during an interview in Switzerland at the World Economic Forum.

“We haven’t decided yet how we are going to brand it,” Stephenson said. “We’re testing the DirecTV brand and the AT&T brand, so we’re doing a lot of thinking.”

Stephenson also intimated that the $49 billion acquisition will provide AT&T with the ability to create a leading mobile content business. Fifth percent of AT&T’s wireless traffic mostly comes from video.

“With six or seven million video subscribers — growing at 24% — we still can’t make money because of the programming costs,” he said. “Put it together with DirecTV and we have a profitable business to sell into. With DirecTV, we have an ability for someone to walk out of an AT&T store with an iPad and lots of programming. No one else can do that.”





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