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Yahoo Partners Up With Mozilla, Replacing Google as Search Partner

November 21, 2014 No Comments

Mozilla announced Wednesday that it is partnering with Yahoo as their search partner, replacing Google. That means Mozilla’s Firefox browsers will refer users to Yahoo!’s search engine, instead of Google. Reports indicate that Mozilla generated about 90 percent of its revenue from sending users to Google’s search engine over the past six years. “In evaluating [...]

Apple Changes ‘Free’ Label on Apps That Don’t Cost You Money

November 20, 2014 No Comments

This past week, Apple decided to change the label on their free apps in the iOS App Store to “get,” even though both labels still take you to free apps that won?t cost you any money to download. The worldwide change is a blow to companies that use “freemium” business models. Free apps represented 92 [...]

Amazon Streaming Slowly Begins Creeping Up On Netflix

November 19, 2014 No Comments

Sandvine, a broadband networking company, reported that Amazon’s broadband usage during prime time over the past year has increased by 50 percent. Netflix still owns the category, accounting for nearly 35 percent of the users streaming content during prime time hours in North America. And YouTube accounts for 14 percent of that same time period, [...]

PhotoTime App Organizes, Tags Photos as They’re Shot

November 18, 2014 No Comments

PhotoTime is a new photo management app for iPhones and iPads that automatically organizes and tags all of the pictures you take, as you take them. Orbeus Inc., the company that created the app, uses “image and facial recognition technology to instantly generate keyword tags” inside your smartphone. Users will now be able to search [...]

New Bracelet From Intel Connects Users to Google Alerts, Facebook

November 17, 2014 No Comments

Using an AT&T data plan, Intel and Opening Ceremony have come up with a smart bracelet that will connect users with Facebook, Google and Yelp. The device is called, “My Intelligent Communication Accessory” or “Mica,” and it’s expected to cost close to $495. The fashionable bracelets target women, as these two companies attempt to stand [...]

Preorders for BlackBerry’s ‘Classic’ New Phone Begins

November 14, 2014 No Comments

Ready to ship in mid-December, BlackBerry has already begun to take preorders for their latest model of their smartphones, the “Classic,” which merges their old phone’s style with new technology. The Classic will sell for about $450, but some of the details of the new device have not yet been released. BlackBerry is also expected [...]

Amazon’s Wireless Speaker, Echo, Has Voice-Recognition Features

November 12, 2014 No Comments

Echo, Amazon’s wireless speaker, was recently introduced to the market as a jukebox with voice recognition. It should be available soon and will sell for $199, which puts it in direct competition with Sonos’ wireless speaker system. More than just a speaker, Echo will be able to announce the weather and pull up your favorite [...]

Mobile Gamers Continue to Get Younger

November 11, 2014 No Comments

A new report from Eedar, a gaming research firm, says that the average age of a gamer on mobile devices is 27.7, which is seven years younger than as recent as one year ago. Revenue on games that are on smartphones and tablets is expected to exceed $4.6 billion — just in North America this [...]

Internet Activists Get a Win, as Obama Offers New Net Neutrality Proposal

November 10, 2014 No Comments

The White House released President Obama’s net neutrality proposal in a statement and a video Monday morning. He came out in favor of the FCC re-regulating broadband lines under the same rules written for phone networks when the new net neutrality rules are adopted by the agency. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s first proposal would allow [...]

Over-the-Top Box Startup ‘Fan TV’ Might Be Done

November 7, 2014 No Comments reports that startup Fan TV is looking for a buyer and that the initial investors are likely not going to get all of their money back. Fan TV is a set-top box that integrated web video and pay-TV programming, but it was difficult for them to get much help from the pay-TV providers. The [...]