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In today’s world, being connected is essential.  Having a home phone, high-speed Internet, and TV are necessities if you want to stay connected to your job, family, and friends. Since you are paying for these services already, why not earn yourself, your family, and your friends up to $75 in Visa Prepaid Reward Cards through […]

Time Warner Cable Charter Merger — Is This Deal Good for You?

Well, Comcast’s attempted merger with Time Warner Cable didn’t pass government regulatory muster, but Charter Communications is stepping up to the plate. So if this latest merger attempt wins Federal approval what does it mean for consumers?

Verizon Buys AOL, But What Does That Mean to Customers?

The “Verizon Buys AOL” news has been hitting the airwaves for almost two weeks now. The original bit of news said that Verizon had agreed to pay $50 a share which would come to around $4.4 billion dollars. Since that announcement on the 15th, AOL …

Charter Buys Time Warner Cable: What This Means for You

Charter Communications has officially released details on a deal to purchase Time Warner Cable for around $56.7 billion. But what does the news that “Charter Buys Time Warner Cable” mean to all of the Cable TV customers involved?

Is Cancelling Cable Really the Cheaper Option?

So you think you have made the big decision, you are going to save yourself some money by cancelling Cable TV. However, before you make the call maybe you should take one more look and assess a few things differently …

Get Connected With Charter Spectrum’s Enhanced Digital Fiber Network

Current customers as well as potential ones looking for great home entertainment and connection services should check out the offerings of Charter Spectrum. With the newly upgraded network, the digital fiber …

Ordering New Internet Service After a Move

Trying to order new Internet service can often be confusing. What company should you go with? How much bandwidth/speed do you need? We help you figure out the right answers to the right questions!

After Moving, Bundling Services is the Smart Play

After moving to a new address, you get a great chance to take stock of your current Internet, Home Phone, and Digital TV services. Since pretty much all the companies in this sector want your business after …

Smart Person’s Guide on How to Buy Cable TV

“How do I buy Cable TV intelligently?” That’s a question I’m often asked because people know I write about Cable TV options quite a bit. Helping people decide which company and package to use is one of our …

Moving Your Cable TV To Your New Address

For whatever reason, it’s time for relocation and all the stress and time management the moving process entails. Let’s take a closer look at moving your Cable TV account to your new address.

Comcast and AT&T U-verse: Battle of Chicago TV

When weighing the options for the best digital TV service providers in Chicago, Comcast and AT&T U-verse go one-on-one for the Battle of The Windy City. A variety of plans are available for everyone including basic plans for those on a budget as well …