Get Social with CenturyLink® and Earn Visa® Reward Cards

In today’s world, being connected is essential.  Having a home phone, high-speed Internet, and TV are necessities if you want to stay connected to your job, family, and friends. Since you are paying for these services already, why not earn yourself, your family, and your friends up to $75 in Visa Prepaid Reward Cards through […]

Hot Stuff! This New Tablet is Microwavable

This new tablet delivers on the promise of top nothc handwriting recognition. Check it out.

ADT Home Security — Now with a Home Automation Flair

With the Home Security industry well established compared to the relative upstart of Home Automation, it stands to reason that many security veterans are now offering systems combining the best of both worlds.

Apple HomeKit — Cupertino Delays Launch of New Home Automation System?

One sign that Home Automation is becoming the new must-have in consumer technology involved the announcement of Apple HomeKit, at the Worldwide Developers Conference held last year. Now, there is news the product is delayed. What gives?

LithiumCard Pro Hypercharger Offers Sleek Design and Powerful Fast Charging

LithiumCard Pro Hypercharger Offers Sleek Design and Powerful Fast Charging The LithiumCard PRO is designed with speed and power to quickly charge your mobile devices. The product is unique as it has the capacity to multitask. LithiumCard PRO can…

4 Great Spots to Go for Photo Storage Online

These days, we need a good place for photo storage online. Most of us use social media to share our life events and for that many of us use Facebook to share our photos. The problem is that Facebook isn’t the best place to store your photos …

Apple Watch Home Automation is Fun with PEQ

With many traditional Home Security and HA firms getting in the Home Automation game, one upstart is garnering a lot of buzz for their innovative solution with a clean user interface. PEQ is something worth checking out if you are in the HA market.

Time Warner Cable Charter Merger — Is This Deal Good for You?

Well, Comcast’s attempted merger with Time Warner Cable didn’t pass government regulatory muster, but Charter Communications is stepping up to the plate. So if this latest merger attempt wins Federal approval what does it mean for consumers?

Verizon Buys AOL, But What Does That Mean to Customers?

The “Verizon Buys AOL” news has been hitting the airwaves for almost two weeks now. The original bit of news said that Verizon had agreed to pay $50 a share which would come to around $4.4 billion dollars. Since that announcement on the 15th, AOL …

Oomi Smart Home Lets You Simplify Your Life

Oomi Smart Home is the simplest and quickest home automation/security product I’ve seen to date. Although simply and easy to install, the level of control given is comparable to much more expensive and hard to use systems.

Charter Buys Time Warner Cable: What This Means for You

Charter Communications has officially released details on a deal to purchase Time Warner Cable for around $56.7 billion. But what does the news that “Charter Buys Time Warner Cable” mean to all of the Cable TV customers involved?