The Best HDTV Sets for Around $500

The Best HDTV Sets for Under $500 The list of the best HDTV sets changes every couple of years as technology improves. What might have made the list last year is probably going to be on this list somewhere, since the manufacturers and retailers will…

5 New Entrants in Wireless Audio Tech

As the wireless audio world heats up, more players are entering and some fascinating new tech has emerged. Take a look at the latest products and see if you’re ready for new wireless audio tech. Sharp High Res Audio: Sharp has announced the SD-W1000H…

Build the Ideal Home Theater System

Ideal home theater system specifics will vary from person to person. What’s seen as perfect for one person may be disappointing for another. What is pretty

Evaluating Surround Sound Receivers

Evaluating Surround Sound Receivers Surround sound receivers round out your home theater system. A good one will deliver the punch your movies require…

The Best Surround Sound Speakers for Your Home Theater

The Best Surround Sound Speakers for Your Home Theater Surround sound speakers come in various sizes and levels of quality, depending on your needs and your budget. You can go wild and spend a few thousand dollars on a set of speakers, or you can spend…

Wireless Audio’s Big Entrance: Time to Ditch the Wires

For many years, home audio has been a strictly wired scene. Computer, radio and entertainment system speakers could be placed around the house and mounted in nearly any location — but only if you were willing to run wires over, under and through every other part of your home to get them there. As iPods […]

4 Features To Look For on a 4K TV

So it’s time. You have looked at the shiny pictures, examined the latest graphics and news stories, and perhaps even stood before one of the latest screens to behold the next leap in big screen graphics — the move from older HD formats to 4K TVs. As the manufacturers have been quick to point out, […]

The Curved Screen TV: Fun or Flop?

The curved screen TV, after some tentative introductions, officially entered the home theater arena in 2014, with multiple curved screens showing up at trade shows from big names like Samsung, LG, and others. It seemed like all the brands caught wind of the curved screen TV trends around the same time and no one wanted […]

TV Buying Guide: LED or Plasma?

It’s time to consider which is better, LED or plasma televisions> At the dawn of the HD TV era, consumers had a plethora of choices when it came to what kind of TV they wanted: LED, traditional non-backlit LCD, Plasma and even the short-lived DLP TV were all options. Doing research about which television to […]

5 Tips for Buying HDMI Cables

HD features exclusively depend on HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) connections and HDMI cables to delivery their high-quality pictures these days. When you buy an HDTV for your entertainment system, the HDMI ports will probably be easy to find simply because there are so many of them. Likewise, it is a rare receiver, computer monitor […]

Step-by-Step: How to Hang a Flat-Panel HDTV

Everyone thinks that flat panel televisions look cool hanging on a wall, which is one of the main reasons that LCD and plasma sets are so popular. Here’s a cold, sobering fact, however; as few as 25 percent of flat panel owners actually hang their TVs on the wall, mostly because people don’t know how to […]