My Favorite Car Diagnostic App

There are a few mobile apps out there to help you diagnose problems with your car. Akolyt leaves them all in the dust. Read more about this car diagnostic app here.

Cubic: A Digital Personal Assistant That Makes Life Easier

Cubic is uniquely special as it does much more than remotely operate and control devices, as it also works as a digital personal assistant. You can talk to Cubic and have a conversation and Cubic will respond to you with a naturally …

Finding the Best GPS Tracker for Kids

What if you could always know where your kids were? What if you had the best GPS tracker for kids that told you they fell down on the playground equipment? Check out Findster. It does these things and more.

TrackR App Keeps You Connected With the Crowd GPS Network

Keep connected to all your belongings and never lose sight of your pets with the TrackR App and the innovative Crowd GPS Network. Consumers can choose from several TrackR devices as a convenient way to quickly locate misplaced or lost items and pets…

Using Your Phone While Driving Legally

Using your phone while driving legally and being able to do much more than listen to music, and talk to friends and colleagues is almost impossible. If only there was just a way to be able to navigate through apps without taking your hands off the wheel.

This One Car App Can Save You Thousands

Understanding the codes and gibberish spouted by your car’s computer can be a painful experience. Find out why this professional mechanic recommends the car app, Drivebot. Many of my long-time readers know that I was raised in the auto industry and that

12 Great Apps to Help Save Money

Whether you are shopping for the holidays, a birthday, or just yourself, these are some great apps to help save money. A great program that will show you all the latest flyers from your favorite stores. You won’t forget about that…

Google Wallet App Still in Business After Intro of Apple Pay

Now that Apple has entered the mobile payment sweepstakes with the introduction of Apple Pay, where does this leave the Google Wallet app? And what about the competing CurrentC payment system?

HereO GPS Watch for Kids Helps You Watch Them

With all the neat and cool devices being introduced to consumers, who would have ever thought that such advancements would lead to the creation and design of the innovative HereO GPS Watch for kids …

Microsoft Health is Redmond’s Own Fitness App to Rival Apple

Not letting Apple’s HealthKit have all the fun, Microsoft is also getting in the fitness game with Health, their own attempt to make users healthier using technology. Microsoft Health works with the company’s own wearable fitness tracker, known as the …

The Savant App: High-Class Home Automation for Busy Owners

Savant is a relatively young smart home company with a lot of big ideas about how to create a smart home. With the Savant app you can not only control smart devices, but also set personalized Scenes and integrate a variety of unique services you would…