‘House of Cards’ Might Enter Final Season in 2015

Oct 27, 2014 house of cards, netflix, netflix original, 0 Comments

Since the Netflix drama “House of Cards” was adapted from the British mini-series of the same name, the show might have to create new material to work off of after Season 3 airs in Spring of 2015. The BBC series aired just three seasons, which is actually not unusual for British TV.

The Latin Times notes that the series could actually start to stray from the original storyline in the upcoming season. “Unlike the original British series, the American adaptation may not end after the third season. In an interview, co-executive producer Rick Cleveland divulged that as long as lead actors Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright — who play Frank and Claire Underwood, respectively — agree to continue reprising their roles, then Netflix will continue the series.”

The BBC sitcom, “The Office,” actually only ran for two seasons, winning an Emmy Award for best comedy. But the American version went almost four times as long, with Steve Carell playing the lead character.





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