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Why Bundle?

Bundling all of your digital services means savings for you. Get one bill for all of your digital services versus three separate bills for each individual service. By bundling, you can also make all of your digital services work together and allow you watch TV on your smartphone, manage your home phone settings, and stream your favorite shows from one internet connection

Digital Television

With hundreds of channels and a huge variety of HD channels, there is something on to keep your family entertained. All of your favorite networks and cool features like DVR, access to On-Demand, and even stream live programming on your tablet or smart-phone.

DVR Service

Watch TV on you're schedule by adding DVR service (many providers include a DVR with your subscription now) to your TV package today. Record hundreds of hours of programming and then watch them when it suits you.

Sports Programming

Upgrading your TV subscription is a nessecity these days if you are a serious Sports fan. Most basic packages include ESPN now and since FOX has launched it's own Sports network, it's never been this easy to catch your favorite out of town team or even your home town favorites.

High Speed Internet

Get the reliable and fast internet speed you need to surf the web the way you want.

Security Features

Security online is becoming an ever increasing problem. Most providers now offer security software with their packages ranging from anti-virus protection to parental controls. Look for these when you make your choice regarding which package is right for you.

Home Network your house

It's not just your laptop that you want to connect up to your home network any more. More and more devices ranging from your home office, TV's, gaming consoles and home automation devices rely on your network to communicate. Don't base picking the plan and speed that is right for you on just connecting your laptop to the internet. Think about all the devices your family has now and select pick the plan that will suit your needs now and in the future.

Home Phone Service

Get all of your favorite calling features and the right phone plan that is right for you. With a variety of calling plans available, there is sure to be a plan that fits your needs and budget and still allow you to communicate with your loved ones whether they be local or long-distance.

Most plans come with these standard calling features:

  •   Call Waiting
  •   Caller ID
  •   Call Forwarding
  •   Call Return
  •   Call Screening
  •   Caller ID Blocking Per Call/Line
  •   Three Way Calling
  •   Anonymous Call Rejection
  •   Call Forwarding Selective
  •   Caller ID with Call Waiting
  •   Repeat Dialing
  •   Speed Dial

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