Mobile Gamers Continue to Get Younger

Nov 11, 2014 gaming, ipad, iphones, 0 Comments

A new report from Eedar, a gaming research firm, says that the average age of a gamer on mobile devices is 27.7, which is seven years younger than as recent as one year ago.

Revenue on games that are on smartphones and tablets is expected to exceed $4.6 billion — just in North America this year, according to the report.

Just less than half of the mobile gamers don’t pay for anything to play these games, and only three percent of all players are responsible for more than half of the industry’s revenue.

Also, women outnumber men as mobile game players, with over 56 percent of the total. But men are the better spenders, with at least $10 per month going toward mobile gaming.

The report was also careful to point out that they don’t believe this information means that traditional gamers on gaming consoles at home are in immediate danger. They believe core gamers are just playing both — at home and on the go.





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