Netflix Helps Parents Trick Kids with Early New Year’s Countdown

Dec 31, 2014 cartoons, children, netflix, 0 Comments

A Wakefield Resaearch study conducted by Netflix noted that 87 percent of  parents celebrate New Year’s Eve with their kids. And 34 percent of those parents are also choosing to fool their kids into thinking the countdown is happening earlier than it really is, in an effort to get them to bed sooner. So Netflix chose to help parents out, in a way, by producing a three-minute video to help parents trick kids into thinking the New Year’s countdown they’re watching is real.

With the help of King Julien from the “Madagascar” animated movies, and the TV show “All Hail King Julien,” a fake countdown is available on Netflix that helps parents celebrate the New Year.

Dancing lemurs join King Julien ostensibly takes over for the young person’s spokesperson for the New Year.

“Move over, Ryan Seacrest, I’ve got my very own on-demand countdown party on Netflix,” King Julien “said” in a statement.





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