Netflix Won’t Add Live Sports To Its Roster

May 26, 2015 live streaming, netflix, watching sports online, 0 Comments
Sports Movies on Netflix

Netflix has no plans to join the live sports broadcasting world, which is welcome news to major networks and Cable TV channels alike.

While the streaming giant continues to take some of the market share away from its non-streaming competitors with movies and original TV shows, moving into live sports is not something that make sense right now.

“I will never say never,” said Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Saandos last week at a conference. “But I would say that where we sit today, I don’t think the demand of sports is enough of an addition to the value proposition to chase. I think the leagues have tremendous leverage in those deals, so it’s not like we’re going to get in and de-leverage the leagues. We’re going to go in and overpay like everyone else does, so it doesn’t get me that excited. Not to say that it wouldn’t someday, down the road, make sense.”





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