Niners’ New Stadium App Hopes to Come to Other Stadiums

Sep 19, 2014 iphone, levi's stadium, mobile phone apps, 0 Comments

The San Francisco 49ers had their first NFL regular season game in Levi’s Stadium last week, unveiling many new luxuries, including a mobile app called VenueNext that allowed fans to order food from their seats

VenueNext, which just went public on Thursday, currently resides in just Levi’s Stadium, but they have been in talks with over 15 other NFL teams and venues over the past year.

With more and more NFL fans staying home to watch games from their living rooms, NFL teams are finding it much more difficult to offer a better experience live at the games themselves. VenueNext hopes to be part of that solution with a mobile app that connects fans in a way they’ve never been before at a live event.

With VeunueNext, fans can order food from concessions, watch replays of the game they’re watching and make purchases for souvenirs and clothing at vending booths with a new point-of-sale system.

They also plan to add social media components in the near future, where fans can post pictures and also find other friends at the stadium.

The next two new NFL stadiums are being built for the Atlanta Falcons and the Minnesota Vikings.





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