iOS 7.1 Is Out — and Very Popular

Apple released iOS 7.1 recently and it’s already topping the charts as the most widely installed Apple operating system at the moment. This version of the operating system is currently installed on a higher percentage of devices than the most recent …

5 Smart Devices to Turn Your House into the “Internet of Things”

Headlines like to shout a lot about the “Internet of Things,” but this simply refers to everyday devices that are using wireless Internet technology for greater customization and easier control. The Internet of Things has become a very interesting place,

Is the New Amazon Fire TV For You?

The set-top box market now has a new, powerful contender: It’s called Amazon Fire TV, and if you are looking for a device to stream all the latest media to your TV and entertainment system, you should take a close look.For those unfamiliar with the …

Redbox vs Netflix: The Battle for Streaming Superiority

Redbox vs Netflix, when is comes to the streaming battlefield, which one is truly superior?The newest kid on the block in streaming services is Redbox. They came into the fight a little late, but they already have one thing going for them that some of the

Streaming Amazon Movies With or Without Amazon Fire TV

If you are an Amazon Prime member, chances are that you already know that you can stream Amazon movies to your PC, Laptop, iPad, or Smartphone.

Apple CarPlay: iPhone Apps for Your Dashboard

Apple’s CarPlay promises iPhone compatibility and apps for your dashboard. Find out which models are getting this innovative software!

Amazon Kindle Settlement: All About the Refund

The Amazon Kindle Settlement may give you extra cash to spend on books: Find out how and why!

11 Old Sports Movies on Netflix You Should Rewatch

Back in my day ? we weren’t able to stream sports movies on Netflix. We had to wait until one of the three major networks ran the movies as a special “Movie of the Week.” We had to use a small child as our remote control. We had to heat leftovers in the regular oven [...]

A Wireless Flash Drive? Too Cool!

A Wireless Flash Drive? Too Cool! A new wireless flash drive is quietly making its way into the scene. It’s from a maker that is well known in the portable storage industry, so you can be assured that it’s not going to break or die right after you buy…

X10 Home Automation: Upgrading and Alternatives

X10 Home Automation is known for its ease of installation and the comparatively low cost to install a complete system. The X10 protocol has several limits.

Top 5 Smartphone Door Lock Apps

Smart locks are one of the latest trends in “smart home” products. Most smart locks use an Android or IOS smartphone door lock app to control use of the lock, allowing guest entry to friends, family or contractors, giving detailed information on who uses