How Do Comcast XFINITY WiFi Hotspots Work?

Comcast XFINITY is one of the largest providers of Internet services in the United States, with over 18 million Internet customers across the country. One of the little known benefits of being one of their Internet customers is that you get access to Comcast XFINITY WiFi Hotspots — for free. What is a Hotspot? A [...]

ADT, Brinks Home Security and Other Options

Prior to 2009, Brinks Home Security was one of the most trusted providers of Home Security systems in the United States. Under a rebranding scheme, Brink’s changed the name of its Home Security services to “Broadview” in order to differentiate it from Brink’s armored car and other security services. But what started as a new [...]

With Comcast Spanish, Viewers Have More Options

Comcast Spanish is Comcast’s way of expanding on their base of services for those who prefer watching television in Spanish. As an extremely popular Cable TV, Home Phone and Internet service provider, Comcast has a wide variety of customers and it’s always smart for any business to offer programs that appeal to the fastest growing [...]

Cincinnati Bell Fiber Optics: Thinking About it?

Cincinnati Bell is one of the oldest telecommunications companies in the United States, officially incorporated in 1873. Their long history of innovation and service continues to this day, with services including Wireless Internet, Home Phone, Cable TV, Energy, Home Security and their latest offering, Cincinnati Bell Fiber Optics. What is Fiber Optics? Fiber-optic lines have [...]

Wi-Fi Standards Explained in Plain English

Wi-Fi standards seem to change almost every year. I’m here to help you get un-confused as to what the various standards mean. In short, when a new standard comes out, the consumer gets either more speed, better security, or both. Many people would think that standards for wireless computer communications would be created by the [...]

Apple TV Troubleshooting Made Easier

You just might need to do some Apple TV troubleshooting from time to time. If you’ve exhausted the troubleshooting steps that you already know about, or can’t find your manual anymore (I know this situation only too well!), not  to worry, I’ve put together some stuff I’ve gleaned from friends that work for Apple and support the product. [...]

From Gaming to Cell Phones: The Skinny on New Tech

New tech offerings are plentiful this year. But not all of it has made huge splashes in mainstream media just yet, so this is a quick recap of what’s out there, and what’s coming. The big three in video gaming (Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony) have all introduced new and updated gaming consoles in recent months. [...]

Need Help with Wireless Routers? We’ve Got You Covered

Many people often need help with wireless routers, so let’s see if we can help you out. One person might need help to decide which one to get while someone else may need help to keep it safe, while still allowing online gaming. Here at Digital Landing, we understand that routers can be difficult to understand, [...]

The Moving Diary: Moving PODS or Moving Trucks?

One of the biggest questions people face is whether they should move their stuff themselves (renting a truck), hire movers or use moving PODS (Portable On Demand Storage). We’re going to talk primarily about PODS in this blog post, primarily because that’s what I used. The way moving PODS works is the company sends a [...]

Understanding How to Save with Comcast Bundles

As one of the biggest home media service providers in the United States, it’s no surprise that Comcast has a lot on offer: Internet, Cable Television, Home Phone — and even Home Security. If you’re in the market for a couple of these services, then Comcast Bundles would be your best value for the money, [...]

Do Do That VUDU Movies: 8 Reasons Why VUDU is Awesome

Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime — All of them have their selling points, but in many ways they are more or less interchangeable when it comes to the content being offered and the details of how their services operate. VUDU movies, however, are moving quickly to the forefront and even setting the standards for the future of [...]