The Best Surround Sound Speakers for Your Home Theater

The Best Surround Sound Speakers for Your Home Theater Surround sound speakers come in various sizes and levels of quality, depending on your needs and your budget. You can go wild and spend a few thousand dollars on a set of speakers, or you can spend…

U-Pack ReloCube Makes It Easier for U to Move

Nobody loves to move, as evidenced by the fact that it ranks as one of the most stressful things in anyone’s life. Yet, the average American moves over 11 times in his life. Using U-Pack Relocubes might be one of the best way to cut out a lot of that stress. The way U-Pack works [...]

6 Best Wireless Alarm System Apps for Low Budgets

If you’re home is a little too quirky and your budget is a little too low to pay for monthly security, you need to check out the alternative DIY home wireless alarm systems that work through apps and one-time-fees.

Convertible Laptops Come of Age

Convertible Laptops Come of Age Convertible laptops have been around for a couple years now. These are laptops that can be converted into tablets by either disconnecting the keyboard or swiveling it out of the way. The first few models to come out left…

7 Great Wireless Lighting Solutions for Any Room

Light switches are stuck in the past: Wireless lighting is the future. The goal of the latest wireless light brands is to create a system of lights throughout your house that you can turn on or off with the nearest mobile device – usually your tablet or s

The New Kinect is Microsoft’s Response to Gamer Demands

Kinect v2 is the new Kinect for Xbox was announced at Microsoft’s recent Build 2014 conference. This one will be available for Windows soon. However, that’s not the only news about Kinect that’s making the rounds right now. Some of this news is pretty …

New Facebook Feature Update: Privacy, Relationships, and Food

Facebook has added three big features to its list of capabilities, letting identify music with passive listening services, allow users to ask about relationships, and give restaurants a new tool.

iOS 8 Rumors Abound

iOS 8 Rumors Abound Rumors concerning iOS 8, the next Apple mobile operating system are coming fast and crazy in the tech press. There have been leaks of what is said to be the new operating system running on an iPhone 5S. We’ve heard about some…

The Apple Text Message Lawsuit

The Apple text message lawsuit has been big news in the mobile tech forums recently. If you’ve recently switched from an iPhone to an Android based phone, you may be one of the people the lawsuit is meant to help. What happened? Why are people suing Apple

Apple Home Automation Poised to Jump into Smart Device Market

Apple may well be the next company to jump into home automation, with rumors circling about a smart device program that the company is ready to launch. While it is not official quite yet, rumors – originating from the Financial Times, which has a habit…

The Best Job Search Apps for Android and iOS

Job search apps for Android and iOS are something that many people will need at one time or another. Taking a look at Google’s Play Store, there are hundreds of apps for job seekers, some for those looking for local jobs, while others have national databa