Avoiding Ad Personalization: The Best Ways to Opt Out

Ad personalization is the result of those targeted ads that try to offer you items based on your social activity, the Web pages you visit, and your general behavior online. Unfortunately, instead of tailoring ads to people, targeted ads can backfire and g

Are You Taking Advantage of Bing Rewards?

When looking at web search engines, does a compelling reason exist for choosing Bing over the giant that is Google? While there are some search result formatting improvements with Microsoft’s search service compared to Google, Bing Rewards might be the be

Microsoft Home Automation: New Partnerships, New Possibilities

Microsoft has taken a significant leap into the home automation market with a new, long-term partnership with the tech company Insteon. This gives Windos phones extra smart home capabilities.

A Short Primer on Tracking Cookies

A Short Primer on Tracking Cookies Tracking cookies are used for a variety of reasons. Both the websites you visit and your own browsers can cause a cookie to be “set.” Cookies can also be either first person cookie or a third person cookie. We’ll take…

9 Best Vacation Apps to Plan the Perfect Getaway

With summer just around the corner, most of us are overdue for a much needed break. Planning the perfect getaway, however, can be quite the chore. While there are dozens of vacation planning apps that can help, which are the best? Who do you trust?

Report: AT&T Buys DirecTV for Nearly $49 Billion

Just a few weeks after Comcast bought Time Warner Cable, telecommunications giant AT&T has agreed to purchase DirecTV, which would make it the telecom company a much bigger factor in the pay-TV market. When AT&T buys DirecTV, they?re expected to become the second-biggest pay-TV company in the United States, behind just Comcast/Time Warner Cable at [...]

Bing Instead of Google? The Search Engine Question.

The web search engine landscape continues to be dominated by only a few. Is there any compelling reason to choose Bing instead of Google as your preferred search engine? Maybe you think Google controls too much in the world of tech, considering Android’s

Your Choices for TV in Louisiana

Your Choices for TV in Louisiana Wondering what sort of TV in Louisiana options you have? Maybe you’re new to the area and looking for your first choice…

Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard Sets Texting Speed Record

The new Word Flow Keyboard for Microsoft Windows Phone is here. I’m a texting fiend and I absolutely love this new keyboard. You have to be running Windows Phone 8.1 with the Developer Preview, but that’s easy to get. I’m going to run down my thoughts and

Surfing Through the Internet of Things

There has been a lot of talk about the “Internet of Things” for a couple of years. What it means is that more and more of our lives, and the things we use, are being connected to the Internet. Everything from stoves to microwaves, coffee makers to crock

What is 5G? And Is It Coming Soon?

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were trying to figure out what 4G was, then after we figured it out we were stuck with the confusion about the different types of 4G networks being offered by the phone networks. Now we want to know, what is 5G?