Sales of Mobile Games Expected to Reach $21 Billion in 2014

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The digital research firm SuperData announced Thursday that the forecast for sales of mobile games in 2014 is $21 billion in worldwide revenues this year. Games on mobile devices account for over one third of monthly spending among digital gamers in the U.S. alone. That number is up nearly 20 percent from last year’s $17.7 billion in sales of mobile games.

While the market has changed greatly in the past few years, it’s still the same top game companies that account for most of the revenues, including companies like Zynga, Supercell, King and Activision.

One of the most important innovations in the market has been the continued stream of revenues mostly on the same games, which is a business model other companies in other industries are trying to copy, like EA Sports with their EA Access product. There are now thousands of companies developing games, but the inability to get the games to mobile gamers is proving to be difficult.

Sales of Mobile Games in 2014





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