Petcube: The Happy Pet Solution

Petcube is an innovative, creative solution for owners and their furry friends to help keep them connected remotely. Whether you have a pet who may experience anxiety separation when you leave them alone or you simply want to check in on them when not…

7 Best Free Remote Access Options

With the rise of tablets, home offices and similar trends, it’s time for a new list of the best free remote access options.

Control 4 Offers More Home Automation Options

Control 4 has been offering personalized home automation solutions since 2003. In the years since then, they’ve expanded from just a few very basic offerings to some pretty neat home control options. They’ve been able to do this by teaming up with some of the largest names in home electronics and appliances. They’ve also teamed […]

7 Great WeMo Wall Switch Facts

Belkin’s WeMo Wall Switch appeared on home automation websites around mid-2013, when it offered a DIY-friendly alternative to home light control. Belkin’s goal with the light switch is simple: Create a way for the average homeowner to remotely control and customize lights without the need to invest in new lights, pricey rewiring, or complicated control […]

Why Rely on Remote Home Security?

Embrace today’s remote home security features because the days of running cables and wires all over your house in order to keep it safe are gone. Having a home security system installed used to mean basically turning your house over to a construction crew and having them punch holes in walls and ceilings. This is […]

Save Money with New Home Security

In this day and age, new home security is bigger and better than ever. Home security systems are no longer just for simple break-ins, with a box that requires you to log a code in and out every time you enter or exit your home. New Home Security Options These days, security systems provided by […]

Seniors at Home Need Home Automation

Seniors at home are a growing concern for an ever-increasing segment of the American population. Baby boomers are reaching their golden years and are still healthy and active enough that they don’t require much more than a checkup now and then. Home automation is perfect for seniors at home alone. There are several options for […]

Automate Your Home with Nexia from Schlage

The Nexia home automation and security product line from Schlage gives you control over an expanding range of components, allowing you to monitor and control a number of systems and devices in your home. The product line allows you to monitor if and when family members enter and leave the house, as well as controlling […]

Remote Controlled Pet Feeders

Pet feeders have become commonplace. Even the most devoted pet parents sometimes find themselves having to be away from home longer or more often than anticipated or desired. Fortunately, we live in an era of super-connectivity through our mobile devices and can now be assured that our furry friends are being fed regularly with automatic […]

Surfing the “Internet of Things”

The Internet of Things is a phrase referring to the expansion of the Internet into the physical world. The coming years are destined to move the Web beyond the computer screen and into clothing, appliances, cars, and houses. There are so many directions for the Internet to branch into, as almost every area of innovation […]

How to Automate Your Home

Ever wonder how to automate your home? Well then, you’re not alone. Home automation is a growing industry. As a professional electrician that specialized in low voltage systems and controls, I’ve seen the industry explode from mostly commercial customers to an expanding client set of residential customers. Everything started simple and has now expanded to […]