5 Home Security Systems with Cameras to Check Out

Home security systems with cameras deliver an increased level of security that systems without cameras can’t give you. Any house can be broken into. Having video surveillance of at least the obvious points of entry will deter most burglars.

Simplicam Face Recognition Technology Knows Who Your Friends Are

Keep connected and in touch with what’s going on at home when you are out with Simplicam. The unique Wi-Fi camera will safeguard your household and quickly alert you with notifications when unusual activity is detected. Face recognition technology is …

Ring Video Doorbell Provides Security and Peace of Mind

The Ring Video Doorbell can provide consumers with peace of mind and help them feel more secure and comfortable. Ring gives you a peek preview of who is at your front door without having to open it,…

Use this Video Doorbell System to See Who’s Coming

Video doorbell systems are gaining in popularity these days. Most are excellent low cost high tech ways to enhance your security and peace of mind. Specifications and features vary from device to device …

This Smart Camera Can Enhance Your Peace of Mind

The Kuna Smart Camera can help you achieve that goal of everyone-peace of mind. To be honest, any camera, when properly installed and used can do that. We’re seeing more and more of this type of camera lately, though.

Netgear’s Arlo Camera: A Smart Security Kit and Much More

Netgear – the brand you probably remember for making wireless routers – has taken a big step into the home automation market by announcing the release of the Arlo camera. Perhaps even more importantly, Netgear is positioning Arlo to become much more…

Manything Makes Home Video Security Free for iOS Users

Manything makes basic home security free for those of us with iOS devices. Free home security? How can that be? All those devices, switches, and cameras cost money, don’t they? Well, yes, they do….

Caught Red-Handed by the Belkin NetCam HD

The Belkin NetCam HD will catch peoplered-handed. Who will it catch red-handed? Anyone that’s doing something they shouldn’t be. Home security concerns are on the rise across the country these days. Video can …

Ways to Use Skype You Weren’t Aware Of

How many ways to use Skype are there, do you think? Do you use it to simply type back and forth with friends or family? Maybe you use the voice option to actually talk with your “chat friends” and relatives.

8 Best Home Security Camera Systems

Do you find the idea of installing a surveillance camera a little daunting – especially when it comes to your own household? Today’s tech companies have a solution for: Standalone, wireless cameras that are easy to set up on a desk or shelf.

The New Kinect is Microsoft’s Response to Gamer Demands

Kinect v2 is the new Kinect for Xbox was announced at Microsoft’s recent Build 2014 conference. This one will be available for Windows soon. However, that’s not the only news about Kinect that’s making the rounds right now. Some of this news is pretty …