Tile ‘Finds’ Another $13 Million in Investments to Help Find Lost Items

Oct 1, 2014 android, bluetooth, cell phones, 0 Comments

Tile is a small device that connects to things like your keys or wallet, or anything else you want to be able to find quickly, and the company that created it has just raised another $15 million in funding.

GGV Capital and Tencent recently closed on the seed funding, and now the company will continue to develop more products that seamlessly connect to a user’s iPhone through an app and Bluetooth connectivity.

Tile was able to skip over crowdfunding companies like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, running their own pretail crowdfunding campaign on Selfstarter.

Tile is a small square device, that’s about the size of your key fob. It has a small hole in the corner of it, so it can attach to things like your backpack, purse, bike or keychain.

The company also announced it will soon be available for Android smartphones.





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