Top Gift Ideas for Gamers this Christmas

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Having a hard time deciding what to get your favorite gamer this Christmas? From an overview on how to choose the perfect gaming console, to a few tips for accessories, we’re here to help with this list of the top gift ideas for gamers!

Gift Ideas for Gamers

While many gamers have already chosen their preferred next generation console, others have been waiting for the holidays to upgrade their system. If you can’t decide which console to get your favorite gamer, this list of advantages and disadvantages for each console can help you pick the perfect one!

Xbox One

Best choice if you want a full fledged entertainment system, and not just a gaming platform. Best choice for gamers that are huge NFL fans and fantasy football players.


  • With an Xbox Gold subscription, users can easily connect to Skype, Netflix,and a host of third party platforms and media types. Streaming is fast and easy, with no noticeable lag, which is a decided advantage over the PS4.
  • Exclusive HBO Go app, so you can stream your favorite HBO programs if you are a cable subscriber.
  • Exclusive, personalized, interactive NFL content. Distinct advantage over PS4 and WiiU. Perfect console for NFL fans as well as fans of Fantasy football. Streams live NFL content as well as vast NFL achieves, stats, highlights, data and more. NFL Now app also allows users to interact with fantasy leagues via integrated ESPN and CBS Sports apps.
  • Large library of third party games. Does have a limited number of popular exclusive titles such asSunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2.
  • Wi-Fi Direct for device connections.
  • Offers external USB storage, distinct advantage over the PS4.


  • Limited number of titles exclusive to the platform. Distinct disadvantage as compared to PS4 and WiiU.
  • Internet connection required for mandatory Day One update. Mandatory updates are also often required, which demands both an Internet connection and a subscription to Xbox Gold to proceed.


Best choice for the hard core gamer that’s a huge fan of PlayStation exclusive titles and demands the best processing speeds and graphics. Good for gamers that may occasionally use the console for other activities.


  • Has a large library of titles, including exclusives likeFinal Fantasy XIV and Velocity 2X, as well as third-party titles.
  • Improved controller over the PS3 version makes playing 3rd party titles intuitive and fast.
  • PlayStation Plus – similar to Steam for PC users. Enables users to stream a wide variety of Indie games, most of which are free.
  • PlayStation Now – Beta platform allows users to stream over 150 PS3 titles onto their PS4, PS3, and other compatible PS platforms. Unlimited cloud storage for games is a definite plus.
  • Removable hard drive and an internal power supply are distinct advantages over the Xbox One and WiiU.


  • Users with a slower Internet connection are at a bit of a disadvantage in multiplayer games, so it might not be the best choice for gamers in this situation.
  • Not backwards compatible with PS3 games.


Best choice for players that prefer established gaming characters from Nintendo, such as Mario Brothers and Pokemon. Best choice for tweens and younger gaming fans. Best choice for gamers on a tight budget.


  • Great list of new exclusive titles, such as: Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros. and the upcoming Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, but they are of a limited number.
  • Online game play is free, a distinct advantage over PS4 and XBox One.
  • Has Wi-Fi Direct to connect devices, and it’s GamePad allows Near Field Communication.
  • Free access to Netflix, Hulu and web browsers.
  • Backwards compatible with prior Wii and Virtual Console games – a distinct advantage over PS4 and Xbox One.
  • Doesn’t require an Internet connection to play, no mandatory game updates to play.
  • Highly portable.
  • Cute Amiibo figures accent game play for character fans.


  • Small game library.
  • Can’t stream game videos.
  • Motion control is via Wii Remote, which is sold separately instead of being included.
  • Small storage – only 8GB to 32 GB. Both PS4 and Xbox One have 500 GB hard drives for storage of games. Like the XBox One, it also offers external storage via USB.
  • Doesn’t offer cloud storage, or account access across multiple consoles.
  • Unlike PS4 or XBox One, it doesn’t play DVDs or Blu-rays, so you can’t use it to play your other media.

Awesome Gaming Accessories

Accessories are great gift ideas for gamers. Once you’ve chosen the actual console and a few video game titles, why not choose one of these great accessories for your favorite gamer?

Xbox One

If you did decide on the Xbox One for your favorite gamer this year, you will want to be certain to pick up the Xbox One Media remote. The remote has a textured surface and is backlit to make it easy to watch TV and control other media at the touch of a button. The remote’s price tag is around $25, making it a great stocking stuffer for the Xbox One owner on your list.


The PS4 game charger quickly restores the charge of up to two PS4 controllers at a time. Starting around $24, this gift can extend your gamer’s playing time, so it’s certain to be a hit!


Amiibo figures are the most popular Wii gaming accessory of the moment, but you will need to hurry to get your favorites before they sell out for the holiday! Prices start around $13, so you can afford to pick up more than one if your gamer is a fan of multiple Nintendo characters.

If you are still having trouble deciding what to get your favorite gamer this Christmas, check out our article on the top 10 gifts for techies. Many gamers also love of technology, so you may find the perfect gift for your technophile gamer on this second list!

As always, why not share your thoughts and gift ideas for gamers in the comments section below? We enjoy feedback from our readers, it helps us to help you more!

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