Top iPad Television Apps from Networks

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Top iPad Television Apps From TV Networks

Most iPad television apps let you watch TV using your iPad as long as you’re connected to the Internet. The connection can be either a high-speed Wi-Fi or a 3G/4G connection. You can watch TV on your iPad using an app from your Internet Service Provider, or if you prefer a specific network, you can choose an iPad app from that particular network. Choosing network-specific apps also allows you to watch networks that your Cable TV or Satellite TV provider might not carry.

CNN App for iPad

If you like to keep up on the news and current events, then the CNN app will become one of your favorite iPad television apps. With this app you can receive updates and watch news straight from CNN. You can also search for and watch video clips of news events that you hear about around the water cooler.

CNN iPad App - iPad Television Apps

NBC iPad App

The NBC for iPad app allows you to keep up with all of your favorite NBC shows, subscription free. You can watch clips or full episodes of every NBC show. One of the unique features of this app is that it also gives you behind-the-scenes access to most of your favorite NBC shows. You can also choose to watch your shows with closed captioning.

NBC iPad App - iPad Television Apps

ABC Player

Have you missed the last episode of “Revenge” or “Nashville”? If you have an iPad and the ABC Player, that won’t be a problem. With an active High Speed Internet connection, the ABC Player allows you to keep up to date and catch up with all of your favorite ABC programs.

ABC iPad App - iPad Television Apps

Do You Know Drama? Use the TNT iPad App

TNT Knows Dramaâ„¢. This is one of many iPad apps for television that will help you know drama, too. If you’ve missed the last episode of your favorite TNT drama, or are away from home, as long as you have a High Speed Internet connection with your iPad, you can either catch up, or stay up to date with your favorite TNT shows.

TNT iPad Apps - iPad Television Apps


If your Cable or Satellite TV subscription includes a subscription to HBO, you need to download the HBO GO iPad app. You can watch everything broadcast by HBO on your iPad, at home or on the go. All you need is a High Speed Internet connection, the HBO GO app, and you’re on your way to enjoying HBO on your iPad. You’ll also get exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of some of your favorite HBO shows, including ones that haven’t been on for years, like “The Sopranos” and “The Wire.”

HBO Go iPad App - iPad Television Apps

PBS for iPad

Are you into documentaries or news shows you can put more trust into? Then you need the PBS for iPad app. With a broadband Internet connection, you can watch all the “Austin City Limits” shows you want, on your iPad. Catch the latest McNeil-Lehrer News Hour while on the road and away from your TV. This app also includes a number of extra features that make keeping up with your favorite PBS programming much easier.

PBS iPad App - iPad Television Apps

TBS for iPad

If you like to laugh, the TBS for iPad is one of the few iPad for television apps that you really need. You’ll be able to watch full episodes of every TBS series, along with exclusive clips and behind-the-scenes video documentaries. You can also use “Reminders” to keep up with show schedules. The app is also fully integrated with Twitter, GetGlue, and Facebook.

TBS iPad App - iPad Television Apps

BBC iPlayer for iPad

Are you a fan of BBC, but your Cable TV or Satellite TV provider doesn’t carry it? Not a problem if you have the BBC iPlayer for iPad app. All you need is a broadband (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G) Internet connection and you can watch and listen to most of your favorite BBC programs wherever you happen to be. Unfortunately, this is one iPad app provided by a network that has some limitations, although the app does allow you to download programs for watching when you can’t receive an Internet connection.

BBC iPad App - iPad Television Apps

ITV Player

ITV is one of the more popular networks on British Cable TV and Satellite networks. With the ITV Player, you can watch live streams from ITV 1 and 2, and catch up on your favorite ITV programs up to 30 days after broadcast. There some limitations with this app that you won’t find with most others. Some reviews say you can only watch video while connected via Wi-Fi. According to their iTunes page, you have to be in the UK for live streaming.

iTV iPad App - iPad Television Apps

NHK World TV for iPad

Some might place more trust in international news networks than you do in most US TV/News networks. This is where the NHK World TV for iPad app comes into play. Japanese news network NHK World is one of the better places to find completely unbiased reporting about world news, especially when it concerns the United States. As long as you keep the app updated, you can watch live video streaming of most programs available on NHK World TV.

NHK World TV iPad App - iPad Television Apps





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